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Daniel Plumer grew up in New York City on the upper west side of Manhattan. He attended McBurney High School, a private college preparatory school in which he learned how to learn thanks to his incredible parents. Growing up in NYC, Daniel had always been interested in photography. He had his own dark room where he learned to develop and process black and white film.

Daniel moved on to the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut where he earned a BS in mathematics and an MS in Psychology. Upon graduation, Daniel attended Syracuse University where he received a scholarship and stipend in quest of his Phd in psychology. After completing his coursework, Daniel decided to forego his Phd, opting for an ABD, and went to work as a school psychologist in Syracuse, NY.

During the next 10 years, Daniel became seriously interested in Neurolinguistic programming and other psycho-methodologies, and towards the end of his stay with the Syracuse School District, he moved into family therapy and organization effectiveness. His first major client was Miller Brewing where he taught and coached managers “Motivational Strategies” a curriculum that he co-developed. In 1986, Daniel was invited to conduct an executive seminar for General Dynamics, a defense firm in Southern California. This led to Daniel moving to Southern California with his wife and two children, to work as an Organizational Development practitioner for General Dynamics.

For the next 24 years, Daniel was instrumental in facilitating the consolidation of the defense industry. In fact, General Dynamics was purchased by Hughes Electronics, and Hughes was then purchased by Raytheon Missile Systems, which enabled Daniel and his family to move to Tucson, AZ. where he still lives today.

Daniel helped facilitate and coach executives during the extreme organizational turbulence that ensues for corporate mergers and takeovers. He taught numerous leadership and interpersonal communication courses all of which he personally developed. In 1990-91.

Daniel wrote a book entitled, “Being An Agent Of Change: The imPossible Dream In 2010 Daniel retired and went back to his childhood passion; photography.

Film photography was almost obsolete as digital photography began to take over, and this was extremely appealing for Daniel. Over the next several years, Daniel honed his camera skills as well as his post-processing skills and even had his work displayed and sold in a major Tucson gallery for three years where he did quite well. Today, Daniel enjoys his wife of 42 years, his two grown children, and his four amazing grand children. If you would like to see Daniel’s photographic art click www.danielplumer.com

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